Angel Policy

Maker's Movement® welcomes artists and crafters to create handmade art, cards, scrapbooks and home décor using our dies and die templates. We at Maker's Movement® welcome you to sell your handmade arts and crafts that have used our die cutting templates, stamps, tools or other items manufactured by Maker's Movement®. You will need to refer to their specific policies. For Maker's Movement® products we do, however, require that some simple criteria be met in order to do so.

Please adhere to the following when using our designs to create your handmade art:

  • Our images must not be digitally altered in any way or mechanically reproduced.
  • Maker's Movement® die, stamp and other product designs may not be copied without written express permission to do so.
  • Our die template designs, stamp designs or any images created by Maker's Movement® may not be used for logos, trademarks, or any promotional materials.
  • When possible, we would appreciate image credit.
  • Your arts and crafts finished projects using Maker's Movement® die templates, stamps and other products must be handmade and the products must have been purchased directly from Maker's Movement® or a Maker's Movement® reseller.
  • You may not sell die cut pieces produced using our die cutting products. Therefore, individual shapes may not be cut and resold.

Please do not mass-produce, allow production by hired workers or produce your work in assembly line or mass production fashion. You are permitted under our policy to sell your artwork and craft projects at seasonal fairs and events, community fundraisers, festivals, craft events, and online craft marketplaces such as ETSY.

Note: This policy does not cover other products made by other brands or companies. You will need to refer to their specific policies.

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